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Wednesday 10 August 2005

New Blog Name etc

I've been "groovy" on the web for around 10 years now (my how time flies). I thought I would be an early-re-adopter of the term, but it never really re-attained the popularity it once had. Plus, now it is so 1995. I mentioned the change to some folks at school and they heard the old name and fell over laughing. "What did you rename it to? 'Gnarly Place'?"

Ok, maybe the new name is equally stupid. I'd have a name-that-blog contest, but I don't care what you think.

My real website will shortly be re-christened as well, but the process is more complicated as it involves changing graphics, which means doing more than typing something in a little box at blogger. And I have this final exam thing to worry about.

There's an official question and answer post coming up soon covering moving to france, xena's fate and the uses of devoir. Submit your questions for inclusion!


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