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Tuesday, 9 August 2005

pass NO PASS

If you have an BA/BS degree, you need an 80% to get a pass at UC Berkeley. I am going to fail my french class. It is too late to drop. I cannot switch to a letter grade neither.

This knowledge is not encouraging my studies. Quite the opposite. Maybe if I studied like a madman . . . but I'd rather take a nap.

this is fucking great for applying for phd there. maybe it means i'm not cut out for it.



Jean Sirius said...

i'd be willing to bet that gpa is less relevant to phd programs than in undergraduate studies. it'll be all about your recommendations and your body of work.

you'll be fine. don't stress, and save the nap for after your homework.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jean.
And the only use of "devoir" that I can remember is "J'ais besoin de faire mes devoirs..."
-- Polly

cxjo said...

french is L&S, shouldn't be a problem to convince them to give u 80% ... or take an I and retake your midterms and final next summer after spending a year in f-ing france perfecting your french... :)