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Friday 5 August 2005

Political roundup

I head an interview with Santorum on NPR this morning. He was basically frothing at the mouth (or elsewhere) but Bob Edwards mopped the floor with him. It was awesome. I love Bob Edwards.

During one especially whiny sequence, Santorum (tee hee hee) read a list of insults directed at him off his PDA. "on drugs." "stupid." etc. Somehow I doubt these comments were from the New York Times. Boo Hoo! People on blogs are saying bad things about him. Once the blogosphere is silenced, will he go on national media to complain that somebody said something nasty about him in a pool hall? Is anything less than perfect adoration intolerable or what?

While listing naughty names directed at him, he failed to mention "a frothy mixture of fecal matter and lube" which was rather disappointing. I giggle every time I hear his name.

Meanwhile, in right-wing land, Roberts worked on the Romer decision on the winning side. Holy santorum! Maybe this guy really is a swing vote.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A good sign about Roberts with Romer, but as analysts were pointing out today, not sure what it means. He was a source of legal advise for the lead counsil and assisted in one of many mock courts, ironically playing Scalia. Doesn't mean he advocated it, but then again why would he bother if he was hostile to it.

He is a still a question mark though.


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