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Monday, 22 August 2005

Truck for Sale

I am selling my pickup truck. Kelly bluebook lists the value at $2,510, but I'm offering it blog readers for $2200, or $2100 for students, artists, the laid off, and lgbt blog readers. (click on thumbnail pictures to see full-size)

1990 Toyota 1/4 ton pickup
Engine: 4-Cyl. 2.4 Liter
Trans: 4 Speed Manual
Drive: 2WD
Mileage: 81,000-ish

The engine runs great and has never had any serious problems. I got a valve job done recently, so it's pretty well tuned up. It comes with all 4 tires and a spare. My dad added a back bumper, which served me well when I was learning to drive. It can take a trailer hitch. There's a camper shell on it which is removable. It's a quarter ton pickup. I've carried more than 10 teenagers in the back (it used to be legal) and once hauled a tuba, a sousaphone, tow bass guitars, a bass rig, a guitar rig and a drumset and I still had room for a passenger in the cab. There are three seatbelts in the front, which is handy, however, it's cramped as hell and disqualifies you from the carpool lane in some circumstances. The clutch is easy. It's very reliable. I hate driving so it has really low miles. And, it comes with snow chains. (If you take it to the snow, you will need to put weight in the back, because it's really light and has rear wheel drive)

There's a ding in the windshield, but my insurance will cover repair or replacement and I'll get that done before you get the truck from me. I'll also wash it and stuff. Ok, so it's got it's original paint job. There's no rust that I'm aware of, but it could stand to get new paint. The upholstry is wearing out and needs to be replaced. The radio does not work and the speakers in the door are ugly and broken looking. There's a ding in the driver's door that catches when the door is opened and makes a loud popping sound. I got towed once and the lock thingee suffered for that, so while the driver door shuts and latches, it can't be locked or unlocked except from outside with a key.

I'm selling it because I want the cash for while I'm gone and I don't need two (or even one) cars. Also, it has no crash safety devices of any kind except for the seatbelt and that makes me nervous.

  Pickup Shell/Cap
Custom Bumper

Consumer Rated Condition: Good   
    Some Dents / Dings
    Dull / Chipped / Scratched
  Chrome / Trim
    No Defects
    No Defects
  Lights / Lenses
    No Defects
  Hail Damage
  Interior Panels
  Odor: Smoke / Mold
  Air Conditioning
    Not Installed
  Power Accessories or Instruments
    All Operate
    Operates - No Leaks / Noises
    Operates - No Leaks / Noises
    Tight / Trouble Free
    Unaltered and Trouble Free
  Frame / Unibody
    Not Worn over 50% life
    Some Wear & All Match
  Title--Pink Slip
    Clean Title History
  Service / Maintenance
    On Time & Current
    Some Available
  Emissions / Safety
  Body Repair Done
  Body Repair Required

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1 comment:

yesyouam said...

A discount for "students, artists, the laid off, and lgbt" readers of this blog? I tried to think of someone reading this blog that didn't fit into any of those categories. Then I tried to think of someone reading _any_ blog that didn't fit any of those categories. Then I tried to think of anyone that I know that didn't fit any of those categories and I came up with... my parents.

Anyways, good luck with selling the truck!