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Thursday, 8 September 2005


Help pass gay marriages by calling this number and voting. This is the number to governor Arnold S . This is all you have to do. Call the number and listen to the options, press 2, then press 1, then press 1 again. The Christian Right Wing’s have been getting thousands to call and vote against it.

Press 2
Press 1
Press 1
..then your done, please pass this on to others.

Yeah, he says he'll veto, but maybe a better showing of "yes" will encourage him for next time.

This is terrible timing, when most of the left is looking with horror towards the gulf states. But seriously, it only will take a minute to call up (if you can catch it not busy) and it really will help.

update: I haven't gotten through yet, but Cola reports, "that really was it."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh I knew he wouldn't sign. Why is it the wimpiest people end up playing action figures? Like if you can't DO.... get a movie contract and run for office.