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Saturday, 3 September 2005

Class Warfare

At one point Friday, the evacuation was interrupted briefly when school buses pulled up so some 700 guests and employees from the Hyatt Hotel could move to the head of the evacuation line — much to the amazement of those who had been crammed in the Superdome since last Sunday.

"How does this work? They (are) clean, they are dry, they get out ahead of us?" exclaimed Howard Blue, 22, who tried to get in their line. The National Guard blocked him as other guardsmen helped the well-dressed guests with their luggage.

The 700 had been trapped in the hotel, near the Superdome, but conditions were considerably cleaner, even without running water, than the unsanitary crush inside the dome. The Hyatt was severely damaged by the storm. Every pane of glass on the riverside wall was blown out.

via Atrios

What if there was, like, a protest against racism and classicism which was also a red cross fundraiser? Could we do that, or would it be inappropriate some how?


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Anonymous said...

I'ts like this problem has been dormant, but there none the less and it took this force of nature to uncover it like David Brooks said.