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Sunday, 4 September 2005

Writing Letters

Dear Senator Boxer/ Feinstein,

I am writing regarding disaster preparedness in New Orleans and San Francisco. FEMA must return to its mission of preparing for and responding to disasters. The situation in New Orleans is appalling. It seems as if no plans were in place and no equipment or personnel were ready for deployment, despite several days warning of the approaching hurricane. Racism and classicism have been blatantly apparent.

As I'm sure you're aware, in 2001 FEMA listed a large earthquake in San Francisco as a likely disaster. Unlike hurricanes, earthquakes have no warning. Are we as ill-prepared for a San Francisco earthquake as we are for Hurricane Katrina, which we KNEW was coming? What plans are in place for an emergency response in the San Francisco Bay Area? Are we prepared to distribute water, rescue trapped people, fight fires or evacuate the city if necessary? Will the majority African-American city of Oakland be left to starve and burn? Will only rich people receive aid? What needed maintenance have we neglected in order to divert funds to Iraq?

Congress must act to investigate leadership failures surrounding Katrina and they must insure that these problems are fixed before the next hurricane, the next terrorist attack or the next earthquake. Homeland "Security" has left us more vulnerable than ever. The government has failed, and I have no faith in the federal government to respond to the needs of citizens.


Celeste Hutchins

Feinstein is . Boxer is . You must include your name and address. They also have webforms, but they're not working right now.

Rudy says that the Red Cross needs volunteers (in Texas) to do data entry. They have a database to match you up with something to do.



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Good for you, I will write now too.


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