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Sunday 4 September 2005

Doing data entry

There's a site looking for volunteers to scrape craigs list for missing people posts and enter them into a database. I just did a set, not from CL, but from The DB kept overloading. I don't even know if this is useful. Doesn't the Red Cross keep it's own db? Why doesn't the db they're putting things into have enough bandwidth? Is this geeks looking to help from far away and just inventing a project that non-geeks don't know about, or actually useful?

Feinstein's email bounces.

Oh, and the feds are sending in troops, right?

NEW ORLEANS — Combat operations are underway on the streets “to take this city back” in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

“This place is going to look like Little Somalia,” Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force told Army Times Friday as hundreds of armed troops under his charge prepared to launch a massive citywide security mission from a staging area outside the Louisiana Superdome. “We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.”

In that article, they refer to stranded NOLA residents as the "insurgency." From the Army Times, a journal largely read by the army. I read something on the BBC site about a guy who was frantically trying to get help coming too close to troops and being shot dead, his body left in the street. All the government of this country knows how to do is kill and wage war.


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