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Friday 7 October 2005

The french government

Just sent me a letter saying it needs all of my medical records. on tuesday.

It would be really handy if the consulate could have given me a list of things I would need to bring. I mean, maybe it should have occurred to me that I would need a birth certificate and my vaccination records, but I've never lived abroad before. They just said I would need my school letter.

i had to get a shot for measles in 2003 because I couldn't find my paperwork saying I had ever gotten the second one. Of course I had, but my mom always kept documents like that . . .

I'm going to join some religion which doesn't believe in getting shots.

So my plan is to call wesleyan tomorrow and see if they have my records, since they made me get a @!$@#!$ shot. If they don't, my plan is to cry.

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