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Saturday, 8 October 2005


Wesleyan health services does indeed have a copy of my immunization records . . . in storage. they can't guarantee that they can send them monday. maybe tuesday morning, which means tuesday evening for me. *sigh* alas. well, at least i can tell the french doctors that i will have the required paperwork.

In other news, my house is still filthy, although somewhat improved. the power adaptor in the living room doesn't cause much computer noise (is it the power outlet or the adaptor that's better?). the weather was warm and nice today, but i only left the house twice, both times to go to the fax place and then buy a baguette on the way home. i think the bakery with the better baguettes has dessert items that don't look as good as the other bakery (two doors down). I may have to buy eclairs at each and determine who wins, you know, in the interest of science.

I read in the rough guide that per kilometer, Paris has a higher population density than Tokyo, which probably explains why there are three bakeries within half a block of my building. It does not however, explain the 5 or so cell phone stores. You need a new baguette every day (at least). How often do you need a new cell phone?

I'm a bit lonely without Yuri here anymore. She left yesterday at an ungodly early hour. I went back to look at my blog from when Wesleyan had just started and it's exactly the same, trying to get a bank account, paperwork snafus (including with vaccination records), forgotten bills going to collections (ack), not knowing anyone, being nervous etc. And then I got insanely busy with crazy amounts of school work. So maybe I'll get insanely busy soon, although I hope not too insane.

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