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Commission Music
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Sunday, 2 October 2005

I podcast

I am now Podcasting. To subscribe via itunes, fire up the application. Under the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast. In the box, paste in: feed:// .

Never before seen on the internet mp3s of my Toy Piano Nonette (what you haven't written a piece for 9 toy pianos?) and my Fred Phelps piece just added. More to come. Feedback welcome.

Edit: You may notice that I've got a bunch of categories. Well, say you're only interested in music that I do that uses the program Supercollider. I've tagged all of that music with the tag "SuperCollider," so you could use that tag to only subscribe to those pieces: , you could also sort by year, since that's a tag or by any category listed on the right. fun fun fun

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