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Sunday, 13 November 2005

I am offline

Last night, my network box freaked out and now it's in the land of the error-mode. The LEDs are blinking on and off, a few times a second. One possibility is a DSL error. The other is a configuration error. The box's main connection mode is via USB, which requires special drivers. Quite frankly, the box is a piece of shit and mac support was most likely an afterthought. I don't want to install the drivers on my lovely development / DAW machine. I was trying to figure out if it would be ethical to convince Cola to install them, but I've just remembered the existence of the reset button. Huzzah! If it's a config error, then reset will fix it. Otherwise, well, maybe I forgot to pay my bill or something. The english-language telephone line opens again on monday.

It's highly likely that it's a config problem, since it crashed while I was trying to add my friend to the network. (Which reminds me that he would like to point out that universities are open campuses and we were not trespassing the other day. ok.) I would like to point again that the I have to pay 1 or 3€ a month extra for this thing and it's config interface is broooooken even under the best circumstances. bah.

So I post from school. It doesn't matter, since I'm doing music on my laptop anyway. I used to come to school to be offline . . . . .

I'm not happy to be offline, but it's nice having Cola's attention in the morning, rather than her nose buried in the New York Times online.

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