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Monday, 7 November 2005


So last night, round midnight, I was sitting around my home wondering if it was just so cold that I should go to bed. (Yes, I have heat, but it's cheaper just to sleep at night than to run it.) I realized that there probably warm and toasty car fires going on right at that very second! So, since I'm an American, I tuned on the TV.

Channel 1 was showing a French movie. Channel 2 was showing "Cold Case" (The case of the murdered white woman who lived alone followed by the case of the murdered black woman who expressed sexual otherness). Channel 3 was showing a reality show set in Prague. Channel 4, which is always fuzzy shows nothing but football day or night. Channel 5, the arte channel, was showing an angsty american woman artist talking about something. Channel 6, the commercial channel (M6), was showing an old movie with people in funny hats inspecting a chamber pot.

Meanwhile, more cars were burned than ever. And one person died (the first and only one) from injuries received on Friday.

I don't have cable or anything. But there were no program interruptions. No live pictures of burning cars. No live views from the nine helicopters flying over the suburbs. Liberation and Le Monde were not posting live updates to their web pages.

This may be one of those cultural differences I've been reading about.

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Jen Savage said...

... we really do oversensationalize everything here in America, don't we?