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Monday, 7 November 2005

Wine Review: Le Vin de la Fromagerie du Marché

Today's wine, a fabulous value at 4€, is easily obtainable at the Fromagerie at the Saint Martin Market in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, France. Simply pop in and explain to the proprietor, "Je voudrais acheter le vin de la fromagerie du Marché - le vin rouge, si vous plait." To get there, from the United States, first get on an airplane to Charles de Gaul airport, then take the RER train (but not at night - alas!) to the Garre du Nord. From the Garre du Nord, transfer to the metro 5 line towards Place d'Italie. Get off at the Jacques Bonsergent stop. When you get out of the metro station, walk down Rue Pierre Chausson and turn left on Chateau d'Eau. Walk a couple of blocks. The Marché Saint Martin will be on your left. Remember that it's closed Mondays.

Ok, so this is not the most internationally useful wine review ever, but the wine was quite good. It had legs that Cola described as "excellent" and a spicy nose with strong hints of cinnamon. The flavor is subtle. This wine is not a spotlight-stealer. It won't direct attention away from your food, which you slaved over. Instead, it will quitely compliment your spicy tomato soup or whatever you happen to be eating.

According to the bottle, this wine is "selection Laurent Bouvet," the winery is independant, "Christophe TERRIER Vigneron" and it has some address type information: Saint-Amour-Bellevue - 71570 France. Telephone: 03 85 37 19 70.

Interestingly, this is only the second wine I've had with a plastic, fake cork. The other was the generic Monoprix brand wine. I hope you don't think I'm putting on airs by going up to 4€. The next wine is even pricier at 4,50€, but will probably have to wait until Nicole comes back. She's gone to Spain again (again!) and won't be back for a bit, alas and woe.

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Jen Savage said...

Do you suppose that they deliver?

Oh if only I could come to France!