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Thursday, 10 November 2005

Strange women just kissed me on the metro

Ah, so I was coming home from school, when the train pulled into a station filled with excited youths. They were jumping up and down, drinking champagne and singing. They got into the train car behind mine and started jumping up and down so the whole car was shaking. One woman, sitting near the window facing into my car, looked alarmed.

Some of the youths were wearing what looked like sports jerseys. There was drinking, confetti and merriment and jumping up and down and hammering on the inside of the car. When the train pulled into the next station, they all streamed, screaming, out of their car and ran to other cars on the train. A large number of them were soon standing near me. They sang a song that included the words "bon soir [something that sounded like école]." They seemed to be early college age.

Some attractive young women decided to greet me and the other students of my school. "Bon soir!" they said and kisses us all in turn. On the cheek, which is a normal french greeting.

I blushed.

At the next stop, they ran around again. This continued until Bastille, and then they all got off and headed off to party someplace else aside from the metro.

They're students, but I don't know what was going on aside from that. One blasé older man shrugged as the kids disembarked at Bastille. «C'est le weekend.»

Indeed. Happy whatever holiday tomorrow is!

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goat said...

sometimes i think my favorite thing about france, out of all the many things i love love love, is all the very attractive young women who kiss you as a greeting. sigh!

goat said...

oh and today is armistice day, which means those kids had the day off, which might be why they kissed you. hooray armistice day!