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Wednesday, 9 November 2005

There's lots of good reasons to quit coffee

here was even some evidence that women who drank lots of coffee — four or more daily cups of regular or decaf — faced a slightly lower risk for developing high blood pressure than those who drank little or none.

Winkelmayer said that may be because coffee has lots of antioxidants, substances which are thought to help protect the heart and reduce risks of cancer.

Too bad it makes me all jumpy and stressed and . . . . I'm going to go brew myself some coffeeeeeee right nooooowwwww

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fabgrrl said...

I've read that coffee is the major source of antioxidants in many Americans' diets because they don't eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I drink coffee (well, additional coffee) to stop minor asthma attacks.

Drink Coffee for Health!

Anonymous said...

Coffee rocks, plus you have to think of quality of life...and it adds to that.
I think in moderation is best, I used to drink upwards of 5 cups a day and I am glad i am off that.


goat said...

judging by this post you clearly haven't had enough coffee. please heighten your uptake, for the good of humanity.

Les said...
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