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Thursday, 3 November 2005

Wine Review: Carignan 2004

Now I will review the store brand of le Monop, which is totally useless to the majority of my raders who are based in North America. However, whatever suave Europeans stumble across my blog, should note that «monop» is the hip name for the Monoprix, which I know because I read it in the unbearably hipster Parisist.

Fortunately, this 3,something€ wine tells you what to think of it right on the bottle. It has a hint of blackberry, black cherry and vanilla, but it is not, as I initally suspected upon reading this note, anything but grape wine. It informs me of it's character: a mediteranean personality: hot, powerful and strongly colored. I dunno if that's a metaphor or not. It's nose: A fruity scent of cherry and blackberry compote. The mouth: A suple and aromatique attack, in harmony with the scent. And it's good with grilled meat and some other food item that I'm too lazy to look up in my dictionary.

I will try to imitate this sort of terminology in the future. As for my own ratings, it was kind of fruity, sorta. I tried sniffing it, but I'd already had a couple of glasses by then. Next time I'll keep a notebook and a list of appropriate metaphors. It's legs (the lines of wine that run down the cup after you swirl it around) were thin and almost absent, something I've noticed in most of the very modestly priced wine that I've been drinking. I had sort of a merlot-y bite that didn't go so well with the bean soup that I ate it with. I don't understand why you would make a merlot-ish wine in a country without sharp cheddar cheese.

This is one of the best wines I've tried here, about as good as the last wine I reviewed. In the US, it would have been $10 or $12 easily. Something about drinking it made me feel like a hipster. This was a vin de pays de l'Aude.

In summary: hot, fruity, strong, tasty, would be good with cheddar or other sharp cheeses.

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yesyouam said...

"...had sort of a merlot-y bite..."
I think you're saying it's "tannic".