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Friday, 4 November 2005

Vine Review: Pigmentum

Pigmentum Wine My mates and I just opened and consumed all of a quite lovely bottle of red wine: Pigmentum: Vin de Pays de Comté Tolosan. I bought it this very same day at the market de Saint Martin, which is conveniently located mere meters from my house. They have two vegetable dealers, an Italians food sales thing, a butcher, a fishmonger and a wine and cheese shop. They were featuring a wine for 3€, so I bought a bottle of it. It is by far the best wine I have yet tried. I may give up on grocery store wine and subsist totally on wine I can get from le cave.

The wine has a floral nose, with tones of fruitiness. The legs are more pronounced, um, they seem like normal for wine. The mouth is rich, vibrant and with a note of citrus, in harmony with the nose, as if the nose was the floral note of a lemon tree or something. the wine is smooth and not at all bitey, but not timid either. It's fine by itself and I imagine it would probably go quite nicely with vegetarian fare.

A lovely, unpretentious wine for a very reasonable price. I just askled nicole to go buy three bottled of it tomorrow, but I think I must continue my quest to review different wines.

If I saw this wine in the US, I would unhesitatingly purchase it and then tell wistful tales about how I drank it in france after school one evening to anybody who would listen. Along those lines, I would like to note, that while many french consumables are quite excellent, much of their beer is on a par with Pabst Blue Ribbon, if not worse and not in an ironic way. TWho tall cans of beer cost the same as this wine. This wine is not only more enjoyable and more tasty, but it's enough to give four or five people a single serving, thus winning on economic terms as well as gustatory. It is the obvious choice for sharing with friends.

And why is it so good? Tradition!Cork that says \

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