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Friday, 4 November 2005

Queer visibility

I had been thinking queer visibility was really low here, but then I saw two lesbians (you know what i mean) on tuesday and a queer looking womean today and I thought I saw three drag queen on tuesday also, but then today I was looking at a picture of Camilla Parker Bowles (the royal person currently visitting america) and I thought she was a drag queen. While this would explain why the royal family wouldn't initially let charles marry her, I can't beleive they tabloid press wouldn't have picked up that story by now. I think I have my queer meter set on over-sensitive.

But at least one of the people I spotted really was a TG hooker, wearing these incredible clear plastic platform shoes, big enough to keep goldfish in and wearing a metal belt with bells on it that rang when she swung her hips. I could fall in love with a girl like that if I weren't already in love with a girl not like that. As Lynn Breedlove once sang, "I'm a tranny chaser. Give me chicks with dicks. I'll bring them beer and dasies. And lollypops to lick."

I said something to a guy at school about how Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for cross-dressing and he said, "You must feel very proud."

For her martyrdom, he meant. I guess I'm not very subtle.

Princess Di was totally hot. I don't know what was Charles' problem.

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goat said...

just a note to say that american gaydar doesn't work very well at all in france. like, because my gaydar is mostly attuned for the states, i have far more trouble telling french queers than i do in the US. i don't think it's a matter of less visibility; it's just that they for the most part haven't developed the same kinds of signals that you're used to picking up (which isn't to say you don't see people who are obviously gay/queer in the same way you recognize queer people in the states).

camilla's no beaut, but i always thought diana was totally overrated.

Jen Savage said...

When I was young my mother went to go "find herself" or something in France for a few months... and other parts of Europe. She said that you could tell dykes by their hair. Most of them dressed like punks. I don't know if this will help at all, since she was there in the 80s.

Also, I was really young when I was told this, so my memory has holes in it.

Les said...

The excellent reference book _The History of Lesbian Hair_nis somewhat out of date, alas. I don't think there are plans for a new addition.

It is the hair that gives them away, but this is very very regional. It took me a long time to recognize lesbians in Connecticut, before I realized that they looked just like lesbians in San Francisco did in 1992.

The "queer looking woman" I described did indeed have lesbian hair. I think that if I go to the gay district for a haircut, things may become clearer.

Its funny how people run around trying to find themselves (I've done it too) when really, wherever you go, there you are.