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Saturday 31 December 2005

Dr Who Xmas Special

I finally got around to watching the Dr Who Christmas special. It's the first episode with the new (10th) Doctor. It was an episode worthy of the old series, as is the Doctor himself. It was silly, with people being attacked by alien Christmas trees. Also, the acting is not as good as it was with the previous doctor. Silly bad guys + bad acting +camp = excellent!! They couldn't resist the classic pun (originally seen in maybe the second episode of the orignal series) "Doctor? Doctor who?" hahahaha. That's comic gold, folks. For real.

I wish Rose had been a little less helpless. Why doesn't the doctor show her how to use the sonic screwdriver, for X's sake? The episode featured one of my favorite characters Harriet Jones, MP from Flydale North. Only in this one she was Prime Minister. She's exactly the sort of person you wouldn't want as your PM or whatever, until the end, when the writers suddenly betray her character. She does wrong and her government falls. It was a strange ending. But She's in the previews clip for future episodes, so at least she might get a chance to redeem herself.

Also noteworthy: the Doctor is sword fighting a bad guy on the edge of a space ship. You can see the city below. Suddenly darth vader the alien cuts off the doctor's hand with a lightsaber sword. "Luke, I am your father!" he says. After this lovely allusion, the doctor finally comments on the fact that he's been running around for the entire episode in his pajamas, saying something about Arthur Dent, wondering what happened to him since the last time they met. It would be quite nice if they could do a few cross-over episodes with the Hitchiker universe. Maybe introduce some Vogons or something.

So when when when is the next episode? Spring time??? Are we talking early spring? Late spring? Does this depend on groundhogs seeing their shadows? How much longer must I wait? Why did they just do the one episode by itself?? The preview clip had some images of K9!!!!! I want to see K9 noooooow. I seem to recall that the 4th doctor left him behind on some planet that needed him, partially because he was a dog shaped super-computer ans was much too smart for dramatic effect. A literal Deus-ex-machina who even had a laser weapon mounted in his nose. The inspiration for Aibos, I'm sure. Every episode had to start with K9 being damaged in some unpredictable way or else he would foresee and solve every problem. Maybe he will need repair when they stumble across him. Didn't see Captain Jack in the preview clip, alas. Maybe K9 will fill that roll by being a swashbuckling bisexual woman+manizer.

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