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Sunday 1 January 2006

Bonne Année!!!

Happy New Year!

Paris apartments are still full of blasting dance music, but I headed home early. Went to Isabelle's place to celebrate. We ate home-made fois gras on top of ginger bread (well, I didn't, but everybody else did . . . this is apparently traditional) and potatoes with baked cheese and everybody else had various baconish types of jambon. And drank oodles and oodles of wine and then had champagne. We weren't keeping track of time, but when people outside started yelling and honking horns, we looked out the window and saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up for the new year, with a beacon flashing on top and then we heard fire works.

I burst into Auld Lang Sine (or whatever it's called) but apparently the french custom is to yell "bonne année!" give everybody kisses on the cheek and then start SMSing everyone you can thing of and call you your family members to have the party scream "bonne année!!" in the direction of the phone. Also, switch on the TV to see topless vegas-type dancers doing high kicks to verify that in fact the new year has begun. (Later, I will post about French variety shows, as they're really nuts)

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