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Commission Music
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Sunday, 1 January 2006

Things I did in 2005

I'm probably forgetting things. Here's my list:

  • First symphony performed
  • Tuba solo in a Bill Dixon concert
  • Hard disk died
  • Wrote Master Thesis and got degree
  • Recorded album with Anthony Braxton (should be out soon)
  • Moved my self and my stuff from Connecticut to California (while briefly being stranded with a broken car during the trip)
  • Learned French (sorta)
  • Fled a tsunami (only 1 cm high, but, you know...)
  • Garden of Memory Concert laptop improvisation
  • BRINK series laptop music performance in SF (highest profile concert to date - profiled in the SF Weekly)
  • Moved to France
  • Saw Venice Biannual
  • Went Wine Tasting in Bordeaux

Also: Music I wrote and recorded in 2005

Resolutions in next post


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