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Saturday, 21 January 2006


I clearly need a multi-lingual website for my professional bit. Also, my current site is ugly and should be changed. I need at least a short bio in French and a relevant program note. Francophones, can you tell me how far off my French is?

In English

Celeste Hutchins was born in California in 1976. She went to Mills College in Oakland, California and graduated with a B.A. in 1998 and from Wesleyan University with an MA in 2005. She has played at several concerts, appeared on a CD put out by Ibol Records and has had radio and internet play. Celeste is currently enrolled at CCMIX in France.

In French

Celeste Hutchins était née en Californie durant 1976. Elle obtint un diplôme de Mills College à Oakland, California durant 1998 et de Wesleyan University durant 2005. Elle joua dans beaucoup de concerts, et dans un CD de Ibol Records et le radio. Maintenant, elle assiste à CCMIX à Alfotville, à pres de Paris, France.

And a program note

Celeste Hutchins est une compositeur californienne qui utilise les mots des hommes politiques à la droite dans sa musique.  Elle y examine et refute des arguments.

Wow, my first use of pasé simple! There is an extremely handy verb conjugator which I make use fo for writing.

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