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Sunday, 15 January 2006

Busy busy busy

I've got lots do to, so instead of doing it, I thought I'd whine about it on my blog. Let's see, I have to write a vocal piece by wednesday. Only 5 minutes long. Jean Sirius wrote a poem for me to set and the poem's fairly long for a 5 minute piece, so it's got to be a fairly fast temp and I think I want it to be a string bass / vocal duet and that's about as far as I've gotten aside from some solresol junk, which is starting to sound good to me after listening to it 23146831584 times, which is not a good sign. ("I worked so hard on this, there must be something redeeming... Actually, it sounds pretty good!" (no it doesn't.))

And tonight at sometime between 5 and 6 I'm going to a lesbian separatist commune in a Paris suburb to give a little presentation on my music. Fortunately, a German woman has offered to translate for me, so I don't have to figure out everything I'm going to say in French. I haven't written anything worthwhile or with live realization since I left Wesleyan, so it's the same old stuff. But it's never been heard before in France, probably because it's all in English. I think I can work the political protest angle, but maybe they won't care. My text algorithms don't work in French because the syllabification puts spaces in different places.

I have class all next week 10:00 - 18:00 monday - friday. So I think I'm going to go work in an internet-free café. But maybe not, since I feel like I have to have some sort of statement prepared in French, rather than just being a foreign barbarian with music which is extremely, self-consciously american.

This is the jump-into-the-deep-end method of dealing with social anxiety, right. And if I get the gig, the hosts are separatists, which means that nobody from my school can even come because they're all men. However, despite these oddities, I would really love to play such a venue. First of all, the space is really nice. Secondly, any story that starts out with "So I was playing a gig at a lesbian separatist commune in a paris suburb and . . ." is a good story. The soon-to-be-famous Cynthia introduced me to these folks and got me the connection. Huzzah for cynthia.

Now, I must take a bunch of deep breaths and try to think of something to say in French about Just Intonation and right wing pundits.

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Jean Sirius said...

you wanted short? who knew?
how short?

Les said...

What? No changes now!

cxjo said...

btw.. i hope everyone has sent an email or given a ring to their senators today.. i just did and it only took 2 minutes (1 for each sen) if u have to ask "what to email about"? then don't bother ;P