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Friday, 13 January 2006

Things I want to know

1. How does one get a music contemporaine gig in Paris playing anglophone text sound poetry which has enough musical meaning to work for non-anglophones? What about doing other contemporaine laptop music without words?

2. What are some good movies I can find in French with English subtitles? In the US, it's easy. You walk into any decent video store (ok, you walk into Reel in Berkeley) and head over to the French section. Everything is good. Everything is Version Originale. Everything has subtitles. Crappy moves don't get imported into the US. Reel would not stock something as gauche as Version Anglais. Everything has some kind of anglophone aid or component. If you think I would learn more French by having no idea what was going on, trying to follow idiom and slang with no cues from a subtitle, you'd be wrong.

There's many other things I want to know, but these are my main goals right now. Ranked by importance.

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Jen Savage said...

I think that if you want a gig you need to work on making your work into a performance. Either go with performance art and do something completely wild, or work on making your stuff more club-worthy: which means you need to overlay it with mad beats and make your point less subtle. Then just market your "portfolio" (which you should burn onto "demo discs") to interested parties.

btw, I recorded something just now with you in mind. feel free to do what you will with it or not: