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Tuesday, 10 January 2006

US Politics & International Media & Alito

Somebody remind me what was so wrong with Harriet Miers? Can she be the nominee again? TV5, the French media outlet, described Alito as ultra far right, which he is. The Washington Post is playing nice with him. And MSNBC had all right wing republicans on their panel discussion about the hearings. He's clearly going to be confirmed. Roe vs Wade is history. Also, I have a feeling I'm going to miss the right to practice sodomy.

Yeah, Miers might have sucked, cuz she had icky woman bits and might have wanted to keep Roe. Also, um, didja ever notice how she kinda looks like a woman? By which I mean a secretary?

Speaking of international media, French folks were all pissed off at the Americans for misreporting that Paris was burning to the ground during the riots of a while back. "They aren't even in Paris!" several complained. So when there was all that rain and whatnot a while ago in the Bay Area: "Oh my gosh, I saw on the [French TV] news that there's flooding in San Francisco" Not quite. This getting locations wrong thing goes both ways. However, I'm still inclined to agree with their characterization of Alito.

The comments sections have been rather empty fo late, so I'll give you a topic: Solresol: compositional tool, or crutch?

(so wtf is solresol? It's a conlang of course. wikipedia article, Official grammer (translated into english), itty english/ solresol/ french dictionary, the most official website these days, the yahoo group, the official gigantic (and poorly formatted) dictionary, but only in french . . . want to set a poem to music? You can just translate it to solresol and instant notes. Maybe they don't make any sense, but they're notes.)



Anonymous said...

You know one thing to give peace is that men do and say things to get ahead they might not act on in their older age. I mean Suter was a conservative for so long and now... Roe is part of the fabric of US Life now, and each president knows the majority of Americans are for it, sooooo I wouldn't panic. I personally don't fear it's gone, even with Alito in there.


Les said...

Roe might be part of the fabric of life, but the sodomy decision is from just the last couple of years. The reason it came up before the court is because a couple of guys in Texas were going to go to PRISON for it. oy.

Anonymous said...

Well my point is I wouldn't panic about stuff Alito said or did in the 80s, where they are getting his Roe attitudes from. In the 80's Reagan had such a hold on the WH that people really thought that was that, for years and years, him or people like him and his base. So an ambitious man would kiss ass like that, regardless of what they really thought.

and these are different times. I actually don't think this court would do anything else with the sodomy law,I mean I could be wrong, but the new Chief guy doesn't want to appear ridiculous. Legally it's ridiculous.