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Wednesday 11 January 2006

Write a letter to the editor

Alito refused to say that Row vs Wade was settled law. He's refused to disavow his writings (from the 1980s) in which he said it should be overturned. He used to belong to an alumni group whose purpose was to keep women and people of color out of his alma mater. He was so proud of this membership, he used to put it on job applications. Maybe he's mellowed out and maybe he hasn't, but he won't even say what Justice Roberts said.

Write your congress person! Also, write a letter to the editor! Yes, your congressperson's staffers check your name off a list and dutifully ignores you (write the email anyway). They also pay attention to letters in newspapers, which can also sway the newspapers themselves. So do both. How to write the SF Chronicle. They want 200 words or less. Say you oppose him and say why and that's it. You can send the same letter to your two senators and your local paper.

If you write the same letter to a bunch of newspapers, that's called astroturfing, which is considered dishonest and bad. And people at right wing think tanks are doing it right now to support Alito. Make sure to use an address local to the newspaper which you write.

Californians should note that Senator Dianne Feinstein is on the committee so make sure to drop her a line:

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Anonymous said...

Ted K goes off! Go Ted! Me thinks Arlen protest too much!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I am now in a more alert upright position on this. My first impression was he was Roberts without the warmth, but now not sure. I am going to catch Lehrer hour analysis today and I will
post what they say.


Anonymous said...

I still don't know. First I think he is very ambitious -and knows he is where he is due to the right not wanting Meirs. So may be appeasing them to get on board of alifetime position. Second I don't think he is as bright as Roberts. I don't think he is a Scalia, in that he won't start a revolution, might end up being one of the non talkers at sessions, like Thomas. Which could prove dangerous. ON the other hand, I dont' see him changing life in America. I htink he is an opportunist, first and foremost.
He is one of those guys who seems boring but would shoot his grandmother to get ahead.

Anyways, crap, but wasn't that Spector And Kennedy fight cool!Kennedy was right, he DID give him a letter about and Arlen ignored it. Go Ted!

Charles Céleste Hutchins said...

I don't think it's too much to ask for Bush to appoint somebody who doesn't suck

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