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Thursday, 9 February 2006

Socialized Medecine

Every day that I'm in America, I thank god for divinely inspiring congress to avoid the godless Communism of socialized medecine. Imagine if you will the horrors of the french system:

Waiting: Nicole had to wait nearly 36 hours for her appointment with a specialist and after that nearly 16 hours for surgery.

Costs to the taxpayer: As far as I can tell, a French person would have paid 18€ for the whole thing. X-rays, prescriptions and surgery. As a non subscriber to the Social System thingee here, Nicole paid about 100€, maybe a bit more. Of course, we all know that treating a problem that's minor is much less cost effective than waiting for it to become an emergency and require more extreme treatments.

Bureaucracy: It took nearly 10 minutes to have all of her data entered into a computer, but to be fair, about a third of that was because of language problems.

Invasive government databases: Every time Nicole saw a doctor, they gave her all of her X-rays, forms, etc to take with her when she left. That way, she had control of her file at all times. Fortunately, they told her what to bring to every subsequent appointment.

Smokers get the same medical treatment as everybody else: It's true. I don't why this is bad, but Bill O'Reilly keeps brining it up, so it must be terrible.

My major complaint is that I don't want to go to school at IRCAM and I should probably get the advanced degree to make myself more employable. At least Berkeley has dental. I'm sure it's just as good as being in France on a tourist visa. Almost. Maybe. Probably not.

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