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Saturday, 11 February 2006

Statuettes and Replication Devices

A few days ago, I blogged about wanting a machine which would create statuettes of me on demand. Such machines exist! They are called Moldaramas. Alas, they are vintage and while it's possible to purchase them, the listed price is about $10k. Not including custom molds. So without factoring the costs of molds, materials, electricity, etc, I would have to sell 2k statuettes at $5 each, before I would break even. While I would say that $10 or even $20 was a fair price for a made-on-demand piece of art, I'm not sure the public at large would agree.

What I need a is a 3d printer in a large glass case. Apparently, it's possible to build a 3d printer out of legos. I think that such a machine would require a lot of maintenance. A real 3d printer is probably even more expensive than a plastic molding machine. So, so far, legos are looking like the best bet. Or, perhaps, I just want to do a run of a lot of statues and put them in a more normal vending machine. The "risk" is that at the end of vending machine deployment, I have a lot of extra statues of myself. Fortunately, this isn't much of a risk. Because, who could resist a statue of me? Not me.

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rgable said...

I'm particularly interested in busts of non-traditional classical composers. The only thing I've found so far was a metal bust of Varese but it was way too expensive.

So, when you do get your statues made, you're right, how can I resist? Put me down for one or two...

Polly Moller said...

Sign me up too! Especially if you're wearing Joan of Arc armor. I'll make an altar for your statue and everything. And I know Paul would like one. I'll save his for a special occasion like his birthday next year.

yesyouam said...

I want one! I could put it atop a prepared piano.