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Friday, 3 March 2006

Is this thing on?

I haven't been posting here for a while because it was dropping older posts. I sent tech support email to blogger, but they have yet to respond. I just made backup with wget and so I'll try posting again, but I've become tempted to move this blog to and host it with WordPress or DotClear. I suspect the second option has strong bilingual support, which may be handy, as I'd like to do my composer site in 2 or more languages.

So what have I been up to? I've decided to make a list of interesting schools worldwide. Right now, I am especially interested in the SF Bay Area, Canada, France, Berlin, London (and the UK) and the Netherlands. I'm taking suggestions for anywhere. (No small towns though. Middletown was too much for me.) Then, come September, I'll start putting applications together. Then I'll have lots of lead in, no rush and I'll make all the deadlines. Then, hopefully a year from now, I'll have a list of schools that have accepted me and pick the best one.

I should be out right now bar hopping, but I don't wanna. I have to do publicity for my concert in a week and go put up some flyers. I think I will go around early in the day tomorrow and do it. It's too crowded right now and I don't want to try shouting in French at a bartender asking if I can put up a poster. Cola is in London. I'm too wimpy to brave such crowds alone.

I had a REALLY frustrating day on Wednesday and so didn't do much yesterday because I can get away with being so lazy. Actually, I can't. There are two people I really actually have to call tomorrow. Really.

I have a job interview on monday. It's very exciting. I'm pretty happy about it. It requires geeky web experience, fluency in English and some French and the person I've met from the company seems to be really cool. It's an oil company. Well, a company that does research for an oil company. You can have the perfect location, the best coworkers, the best environment and the perfect social consciousness. But you can only have three of those things. (Unless you work for a gay porn site and then you get everything.) Maybe research will reveal that it's time for biofuel.

Oh and I've got an RSS thingee from filckr now, which holds my 200 most recent photos and will send them out via RSS to your aggregator or friends list.

Y'all should come to my concert on March 11 if you are female and in Paris.

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