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Wednesday, 22 February 2006


Anybody got anything good or bad to say about the PhD program at York? They've got a new music research centre. Application deadline is 31 March. Trevor Wishart said it looked interesting. He stopped short of recommending it because it's new and he therefore couldn't say anything definitive.

It might be rather late for me to apply, since I'm coming from overseas.

What's the town of York like? It's got the second most important cathedral in Britain, but I'm guessing it's not much like New York.

This is my first possible "bright idea" for next year...



jenny said...

from my vauge memory of touristing when i was 14 - i liked it. had much more of a medieval/country feel than most other places we went in england. (take with huge grain of salt, for reason noted.)

Anonymous said...

My brother studied at York for his Junior year exchange program and he liked it there. He's always going York this and York that.

I was told there isn't much to do there. (I think) If you want to email him and ask, let me know and I'll give you his email address.


Polly Moller said...

That guy Paul on the Composers Tribe lives in Yorkshire.

Other than him I don't know anybody there. My former college roommate spent some time there. She said England was a great place to be a woman, "if you want to be ten years old all your life." I guess she felt condescended to. Dunno if that was because she was female, or because she was an American.

Anonymous said...

Or because she came across a bit naive?
Sorry none of my business I know but that's quite a dodgy generalisation you made.

Yorkshire has probably got a bad rep cos of the beginning of American Werewolf in London ?
Keep to the road, beward the moon LOL

J Crowley said...

OT: I wanted to say I loved your post on the "I Blame the Patriarchy" blog. Brilliant stuff. That crowd seems to suffer from the same unquestioning certainty and absolute thought that afflicts fundamentalist Christians.

What is "the patriarchy", anyway? By their conspiracy-theory description, I'm beginning to think it's just this great big anthropomorphic penis sitting at a control panel in the center of the planet twisting dials with labels like "SEX DRIVE OF WOMEN" and "FETISH LEVELS" and such.

Anyway, I thought you were hilarious and was wondering if you might like to write for my site. I've been looking for some more writers. I'm not saying abandon your blog or anything--just kind of a guest writing position with no time limits or obligations of any sort. Let me know if you're interested.

Thanks again for the great comments over there.