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Tuesday, 11 April 2006


That means "monday." Clever post title, eh? I just gave my SuperCollider lecture and have posted my lecture notes to the internets. It is a vastly distilled introduction which would normally be multiple weeks worth of lecture. But speed is of the essence and composers have their own, strange, idiosyncratic approaches to programming, anyway. Somebody could start to make music with that and if they have interest, they'll explore more on their own, which is how all programming for musicians works and why composer's programs look so weird.

My earlier tutorial was every bit as disorganized and weird as Ron claimed it was. Arg, I hate it when I argue with people and they turn out to be right. Anyway, maybe it's time to resurrect the write-a-SuperCollider-book plan from the dead.

All the (native) anglophones and only the anglophones came. This may or may not have cultural significance. After dumping too much information at them, I went to Mariano's house and he made dinner. It was nice.

I wonder if anyone will end up programming in SuperCollider after this. Now I must go write notes for what to say about SynthDef design, how to play buffers and how to get Pbinds to talk to your Synthdefs and bend them to your will. Also, must apply to Sonology while I still have time. And pay my rent. after my Western Union disaster of last month, my landlord told me to pay her mother. I just, finally, got a checkbook from my bank, so I wrote a check for the rent. First time writing a french check. I felt like such an idiot. I almost went to the bank for help, but then Cola found a website which said how to write it. Despite this, my landlord's mother sent back the check with corrections. So I need to buy a stamp and mail it. Ahh, but how to buy stamps? I thought these ATMs outside of post offices must sell stamps, what with the little animated images of stamps, but they do not, at least not in an obvious way. Foreigner = clueless. Also, when I was buying a rhubarb tarte, the first bakery woman could not understand me. I asked the second one how to say the name of the tarte and it sounded exactly like what I was saying. How can I fix my accent if I can't even hear the difference? I am even worse than Eliza Doolittle, who could at least hear that things sounds more gentile-like.

How much should I worry about this? How much time do I have left? Barely 6 weeks of school. I feel like I just arrived. I just survived winter. It can't be time to leave, I'm not ready.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's almost the end of the school year for you. where did the time go? I'm not ready for you to leave Paris either. ;)