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Commission Music
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Thursday, 13 April 2006

Application Time!

  1. Why do you want to follow the educational programme of the Sonology Course?
  2. Legal weed!

    Need to do something next year

    All my friends are doing it. All the cool kids go there.

    My MA advisor told me to. As did my friends here, and everyone I've ever met who ever went there. (true)

    I hear it's much easier to get gigs in den Haag. Plus it's not far from Paris, so I could keep playing gigs here too (once I finally make some connections any day now, I'm on the verge, I can feel it). And it's not far from Amsterdam, which is rumored to have a good electronic scene. Also, I mean, have you read your course description? Why wouldn't I want to go? You even have an analog studio, so I wouldn't have to be all digital all the time.

  3. Which project(s) do you intend to realize during your study?
  4. Algorithmic composition with adaptive tuning. I want to design a system, in SuperCollider or another language, that can, when given a timbre, construct a scale and some reasonable-sounding harmonies within the new scale.

I hate doing applications. Of course I want to go there, it's a great school. Everyone that I mention it to says that I should go there. And they have a new PhD program-ish thing, which I might be interested in. Somebody told me that it's a lot like the program that I'm in now except that they have more classes, a more regular schedule and there's really an opportunity to get into the local music scene. So, everything I like about CCMIX and a solution to some of the things that I don't like. Plus, it's another thing to put on my CV or whatever when I do PhD applications next fall. And it's another year of EU student visa.

They must have 83461378659873 applicants. I'm too old for school. I keep falling asleep in class (augh, it's bad). I just want to compose someplace, sort of attached to something in some nice country someplace.


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