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Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Offline Life

Momus wrote an article in Wired recently about how the hip new geeky thing is to be offline and unfindable via google. I'm so unhip! I guess this new (heh) ideal is easier if you're already a famous artist. It is alarming, though, how much one can discover about people via search engines. If you mention a brand name in your blog, it's possible and even somewhat likely that a marketing type will find your blog and add it to a synopsis of what the internets are saying about Brand X. "I like to use Brand X shortly before I do something with my boyfriend that I would be embarrassed if I knew was being passed around a conference table and read about by people wearing business attire."

However, this is not why I have not updated recently. I was in the midst of a mad post of d00m in which I talked about how I finished my Sonology app and then had a swell day wandering Paris with a Brit composer named David and the bread shortage the next day (half the local bakeries are on vacation. Lines and shortages! It's like Soviet Russia!) and even some about how Munich is a really great place to spend a few days drinking when a sudden browser crash felled my prose! alas and woe!

So I will just now talk about Sonology. Regular readers will recall that I was gob-smacked when they sent email with an earlier deadline which conflicted with some (but not all) data from their website. Also, they wanted way more docs. Augh! Ann and Ellen helpfully and wonderfully located my missing paperwork, and emailed me images of it, which I could then print and include. In the mean time, I sent email explaining that their web page was somewhat confusing and they should consider rectifying that.

I got back email on Monday explaining that the the email they sent me had been in error. I don't need the extra docs and and the deadline really was in June. Bah, ok these things happen and at least I got it out of the way. Alas, though, I won't find out if I'm in or not until sometimes in June, which makes planning my life slightly . . . distant. If I get in to Sonology, I'll be around for a visit sometime in August. If not, I'll be around when my visa expires in September.

Today I got email promising to send me more information about the entrance exam. Ye gods! I haven't done anything like counterpoint or other things which interest conservatories in years! I'm guessing the email is in error. Some might be annoyed by this, but I am not. It gives me a good feeling. All of my previous academic institutions have been somewhat disorganized on occasion. So it gives me a good feeling about getting admitted (perhaps even to the MA program, although I didn't apply for it). and if I don't get admitted, I can just say it was an accident.

If the school's director of media relations googles and finds this, well, I didn't say anything embarrassing about what my boyfriend and I like to do while visitting the school's website.



Polly Moller said...

That would be cool if you came back in August, since there's gonna be a West Marin contemporary music festival in August, and they're putting "Remove Before Flight" on the program!

yesyouam said...

In Soviet Russia, bread eats you.

Jason said...

Good luck with the application! I actually discovered York from your website and am waiting to hear back on my application there.