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Friday, 21 April 2006


Yeah, so my Sonology application is due May 1st. But their website, after you submit the written stuff, says June 1st. So I wasn't worrying about it because it's June 1st. But, no, alas, I got email today saying it is May 1st AND I need to have documentation proving I graduated from all the schools that I graduated from, which their website did not mention.

So today has been a fun day of panic and trying to get people to fax or email me stuff from the US. I know such great people who will do this for me. I had to go to my school and get the lab guy to write me a short attestation that I'm a student there. My school has no electricity. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding about the electrical contract and the power got turned off. I didn't ask if they could make outgoing phone calls yet or that shut-off was also resolved. Nor did I inspect whether they have any toilet paper whatsoever, but last time I went to class there was none. I wonder if Sonology's services are sometimes turned off or otherwise unavailable?

So tomorrow morning, I get to go find a place that will let me print my scans of Mills transcripts and my Wesleyan diploma and then take those printouts to the post office and then mail them to den Haag where the MUST arrive by May 1st. I feel panic when I think of this. Ack. Panic. The lab guy at school said that it's actually slower to send stuff express. I don't know if he's bullshitting or not, but it sounds somewhat likely. Sending stuff via international express mail fromt the US to France is completely screwed up. Fedex is way better.

Nicole is suggesting that I send it twice, once express mail and once normal mail. This seems weird to me. What will they do with two copies? I'm going to call random french folks in the morning and ask them what I should do. Maybe I'll call Sonology on Monday.

If I fuck this up, no Netherlands for me. I feel like such a dipshit. I should have know it was wrong when it said June 1st and I should have expected to have to send documentation about previous schools and I shouldn't be all surprised and panicked now. I'm too old for school. Or I never learn. I HATE panicing. I thought I had plenty of time. grrrrrrrr!

Den Haag is only like 4 hours from here by train. A piece of mail should be able to get there within a week, right?



jenny said...

only 4 hours? worth a day trip?

i hear they have tulips.

Polly Moller said...

I agree, you should just hand deliver it! They have legal weed as well as tulips.