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Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Biting my nails

Some time very soon I will be getting either an acceptance or rejection from Sonology in den Haag. Then I will know important things like when to buy plane tickets, cuz they're getting more outrageously expensive every day.

I both hate and love France right now. I want to have a conflicted relationship with another country. One that allows pot smoking.

Oh my god, it's June already! What happened to all my time here? I haven't planned for the summer and it IS summer! Augh, I don't know anything!

Ahem. The Netherlands does not have long stay tourist visas. If you want to go for a long time, you'll need a gig like school or a job. (Although you can "rejoin family" and they're one of like three countries with gay marriage.) However, my ladyfriend wants a gig anyway. Are there a lot of .nl's? Are they hiring? Is it hard to get work papers? I don't know anything because I don't even know if I'm going yet and it's already International Satan Day. (um, actually it's the fête of St Norbert, but whatever. Everybody named Norbert gets to have a party today, which, gosh, if anybody deserved to have a party based on their name. . .. anyway.)

If you are in Washington State, you can hear a short piece of mine being played in Bainbridge Island tonight. If you are in NYC or the internet, you can request the self-same piece to get played on the radio on June 13th. If you are in Paris, I have a gig Friday night. If you are in den Haag, can you please get back to me soon?

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Polly Moller said...

I'm seeing Matt D tonite. We are both performing in the FestEvil. I'll remind him about August, so you can maybe have one less thing to bite your nails about. :)

Les said...


Part of my problem is that whether or not I come back in August depends upon whether I go to den Haag. If I run out of European visa in September and don't have a reason to come back here, I'm going to stay as long as I can.