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Tuesday, 20 June 2006

I have plane tickets!

Specifically, I have plane tickets that include a 16 hour, overnight layover in Detroit. Arg. Always read the fine print carefully, folks. (Pondering: do I try to fly standby on the earlier flight, or do I call up the airline and ask for a ticket change?) Be wary of Orbitz. Also, despite a trip through the washer and dryer in Nice, I think my passport is in good enough shape to get me across borders. The cover shrunk, though. It's strange, as the blue part is slightly misshaped and small, but not in an overly noticeable that-must-be-modified fashion. I hope. Anyway, I leave France on August 1st and get to San Francisco on August 2nd (or first, depending).

I have gig on August 3 at the Luggage Store Gallery at 9:00 PM. I don't know what the door charge is there. There is a zero drink minimum. The space is absolutely not handicapped accessible, there are like 2 flights of stairs. (Well, maybe they have an elevator someplace that I don't know about and that they don't offer to people carrying gear. You should contact them or something if you need to know this.)

My time is otherwise completely unallocated, although I must visit with family and my dog gf's family who are in the southern part of the state. I am super excited to see people after so long. Please send me email or leave a comment if you want to hang out.

P.S. I have recently updated my podcast for the first time in many weeks

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