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Monday, 26 June 2006


We went hiking in the black Forest. The part we went in was very beautiful, but they do a lot of tree harvesting, since it's near a town (and thus a tram line). It wasn't so much the black forrest there as the shady forrest with spots of light where trees had been turned into firewood.

It really is a lovely place to hike though. Ironically, the logging roads provide good reference points and ways to avoid getting lost. after hiking for a good long time, we finally got out of sight and hearing of the town. We stood for a moment at a (unnatural) clearing and looked down into the valley below. No buildings. No chain saws. No cars. Nothing but birds, wind through the trees and the occasional cowbell (well, it's not 100% natural, but an altogether different feeling than city noise). Ah, lovely peace! Finally, outside of a city for the first time in so long!

But this is about wildlife: On the way back, we saw a deer, running through the woods, startles by our talking. In Karlsruhe, the next evening, I was stung by a bumble bee. Two days later, while showing in Köln, I pulled a live tick from my leg. It wiggled it's little legs at me in a plea for release, so I dropped into a watery grave.

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