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Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Dear Americans

I feel it would be remiss if I did not post an encouragement for you to go vote. I sent in my absentee ballot already. I understand if you feel a tad discouraged about many things. However, vote for the local stuff at least.

I went to Cologne last weekend for a music festival that involved instrument-playing robots. Normally the mad scientist behind it dances naked with them, but he did not do so this time. Male nudity in high art type situations is, perhaps, under explored. They have a call for scores. I may go to Belgium to see what I can do with robots. However, I don't think I will do any naked dancing. This sort of reminds me of a post I made a while ago about creatively placed and decorated joysticks. Maybe I could do some sort of virtual nudity/wanking. I worry that the implicit criticism inherent within such an act would adversely effect my reputation, especially since naked-robot-guy is on the admission committee of the Doc Artes program.

If anybody wants to suggest a project ro research thing that I could do for the next few years, I need ideas. I am not well suited to these applications. I want to know something, I just go do research on it. I don't need a university for that, just a university library. Or the internet.

Things I'm potentially interested in: Spectral processes and improving the Phase Vocoder UGens in SuperCollider. I also have interest in using music or instillations to communicate political ideas without representations like pictures or words, but rather somehow inherent in the sounds or interactions. Can an installation model a political system in a way that the user 'gets,' at least subconsciously? And I like bells. And granular synthesis. And want to (eventually) write an opera.


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Polly Moller said...

I'm gonna go vote in about an hour. So should all Americans reading this blog.