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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Chez mois est chez vous

I would like to start by noting that I can't connect to blogger for some reason from my school network lately, so I'm posting this via lynx in a shell account I have in the US.

Just wanted to post a note to folks I know in Real Life (TM). If you want to come visit me, my futon is your futon. I don't live in Holland's most exciting town, but I'm a short and cheap train ride away from some more exciting towns, like Amsterdam. Also, near to Belgium, a bit farther to Cologne. (the most exciting thing about going to Cologne, IMHO, is not Europe's largest cathedral, but rather that the train passes through Gouda!! Home of cheese! (sort of))

Last year, about one person a month came through. It was nice to have people around. I got caught up in 'merican stuff and went and did touristy things with them. Touristy things are fun, but I tend not to do them unless I have some sort of reason. However, yesterday I went to a couple museums in The Hague. They were a bit small, but not bad. I purchased a museum card which will gain me free entry into nearly every museum in the Netherlands. Huzzah.

Also, recently, I went to Cologne for the Computing Music festival. (Did I blog this already?) Twas fun. They had instrument-playing robots. The robots have a call for scores, so I will have to make a journey to Gent, Belgium to try out some robot stuff. I need to download some robot manuals to figure out what to do.

I've 60% decided that I should enlist Cola to retrieve Xena when she sees her parents. Xena would then fly direct from L.A. to Amsterdam. I need to confer with a vet to see what risks this entails for my poor dog. Also need to confer with the landlord.

If I sell my house in Berkeley, what will I do with all my stuff? I don't think I should ship my grandmother's piano to Europe . . .. I wish I could find a job as a composer that would pay to relocate me.

In other news: Nicole is going nuts from boredom and some mother fucking spammer keeps listing me as a return address, which means my inbox fills up with hundreds of bounce messages every day, which aren't spam-filtered out because they're not spam. augh. kill.

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