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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

HID, SuperCollider and whatnot

My HID classes are now in version 1.0 and I'm not going to change them again without good reason. The change is that the call back action passes the changed element back as the first parameter, followed by all the other parameters. It's redundant, but it matches how the subclasses work. This should be usable for HID applications. a helpfile will be forthcoming.

I am trying to write a Biquad filter UGen and also to compile a FFTW UGen that my friend wrote. Jam fails when I try to compile, on both files. I think there is a step missing in the howto document on Ugen writing. My code is simple and the syntax looks ok. I've done every step (as far as I know) in the howto. bah. I could use a better error message than "jam failed." sheesh. I like XCode, but it's got nothing on the Boreland compilers I used to use back in the 90's as far as usability and usefulness of error messages.

Workaround: Take an existing target and duplicate it and use that for your target. Rename it and replace the files in it with your own. Ctrl-click on the target to bring up a menu with the option to duplicate.

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