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Friday, 5 January 2007

In the lowlands

Xena and I have arrived. After spending several hours in a little crate, Xena was very happy to get a walk. As far as I can tell, she drank no water while in transport. When she got back to my place, she drank a few litres and then fell asleep.

Carrying a big heavy suitcase, a dog and a dog crate on the train is a bit of a chore. When I got to the station in Den Haag, none of the taxis wanted to take me because of Xena. Finally one agreed, as long as certain conditions were met, including the dog staying off the seats. It's hard to explain to a freaked out dog that the normal rules of car travel don't apply.

My street is a pedestrian street, so after the cab dropped me off, I still had to walk with crazy dog and stuff. It was ok though. We went for a walk and Xena already recognizes the apartment. She's smart.

Nicole cried at the airport when Xena was carted away in a cage to go into the baggage hold. It's weird, but it makes me feel better when Cola cries. For two reasons. One is that if I'm stressed about something and she cries about it, then I feel validated. Yes, checking a dog into cargo is alarming. The other is that when I reassure her, I say reassuring things and internalize them, thus reassuring myself. Also, it kinda makes me feel all butch and stuff.

Yay, I'm here. Oh my god, my head hurts. It's 3:00 pm now. How much longer should I force myself to stay awake? I'd be jealous of the dog for being asleep, but she's having nightmares.


Polly said...

So glad the whole family got home safely!

Polly said...

I didn't read Cola's blog until after I made this comment so now I'm set straight about who's in the lowlands and who is still in CA. :)

Anonymous said...

so how do you know she's having nightmares?


Les said...

Dogs twitch and sometimes bark in their sleep. I can tell by the way she's wimpering and twitching that she's having a bad dream. Probably dreaming of being in the cargo hold :(