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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

On the radio in 5.6 hours

Hello, I will be live on the radio tonight at midnight in The Hague. That's 16:00 for Californians and I don't know about other time zones, as something very odd is going on with daylight savings or something in the US. There is a live stream on the web and information about archives also here.

I will be playing some laptop and probably some tape pieces including one not yet posted to my podcast and one that is not done yet, but will be by then.

In other news, I've got 3 commissions so far and have been mentioned in a few blogs (w00t), so in good capitalist style, I'm going to raise my rates - on Friday. If you want the lower price, act fast. A commissioned minute of noise can make a thoughtful birthday gift, commemorate a special occasion or just show off your impeccably good taste. And it might lead to international fame of some kind - the folks so far will get their names mentioned on 90.2 FM Den Haag in a few hours.


See for commission information.

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