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Monday 6 August 2007

Day 6

August 6

Today I don't even know how many k we went. We got lost and then found and then had to go ten extra k to camp.

Our camping last night was super awesome, as I've described. They even offered breakfast in bed in the mornings, but we didn't take them up on it. We were deterlined to have breakfast in germany, as it was only 11k away.  There was no sign marking the border, just a canal. We crossed it and then had to go a few more k to get to the firat town. Where everything was closed on mondays. I hadn't had any coffee. Breakfast in germany turned into a cheese sandwhich and no coffee.  I've been averagibg 2 or 3 espressos per day, so the no coffe thing was not aminor inconvience. My head was pounding.

Germany has committed to getting most of it's power from green energy. This means lots of windmills. We saw tons of them, all spinning at high speeds and facing us. The wind was brutal and unrelenting. The rolling hills of the last few days are gettibg gradually more rolling and we have a definite uphill tendency, which makes sense. Also, as we get more inland, he sun gets more intense.

So, to recap: uphill, hot as hell, wind, rough roads, NO COFFEE.

Fear not, nobody was murdered although it was close. We finally found coffee at two or three in the afternoon.

In other, possibly related news, i'm no longer the navigator.  Nor am i the fire builder. And, indeed, thechances of murder remain high as it gets to be near midnight and the fast twent minute coal method stretcheswell past half an hour. I'm sitting here bein anti-social. Thinking beautiful thoughts.

It turns out that in germany, camp admissions actually end at six in the evening.  Also, campsites are not marked on our new viking route map. Vkings don't need no stinking campsites. It does mention if there is camping in the towns we pass through, but not camping close by. So we got directions from a local to far away camping and then followed signs with pictures of motor homes on them. It was closed, but the owner's daughter heard us speakibg english and talked to us. Her mom is american.

Caravans and tents do not coexist, so she lead us to hiden foeld and told us to camp there. Then her parents came aroubd with batroom keys and then gave us charcoal, access to the fire pit and invited us for breakfast in the morning. Best camping ever, but we're kind of screwed for future nights.

We purchased a tiny grill. I now regret this descicion. If we had cold food, i would be asleep by now after a day of being lost, high heat, bad winds, rough terrain and NO COFFEE.

The moral of this story is not to skip breakfast or put it off.

Also, nobody in this country leaves their wifi unlocked.

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