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Wednesday 8 August 2007

Day 7

August 7

Day 7 got off to a tired start. We had an unexpected argument the night before about critical theory of all things. Kendra maintained that crit theory is an attempt to impose non-normative meanings upon pop culture where it does not belong as a part of an effort of elitism so that crit theorist types can asert their superiority pver other groups by inappropriately claiming oppression and tryibg to inspire guilt in folks who better conform to normative ideals. Specifically, she was annoyed about 3 separate conversations about comics. I can say that i never expected to be shouted at regarding whether or not tje x,men movie had gay subtext or whether superman had jewish subtext or, really to ever be yelled at about wonder woman. Doesn't the wong say she heals the world with love? In her satin tights, fighting for our rights.

So we woke up early in the morning to have breakfast at the home of the wife of the guy who runs the campground. She made us scrambled eggs and gave us bread and whatnot. She's from el paso and had travelled a lot  and wanted to pass forward tje kindness she had received.  We sat and talked for a long time.

This made for a late start. We were all pretty tired from the late night. But the weatjer was nice and cool. The sky was clouded over, which made for a nicer ride, but no solar charging. Actually, my little computer has a pretty long battery life, so a day of no charging was no big deal.

I have no idea what our millage was. We got to our campsite as it started to rain. Pitched tents and went into the town for dinner. The campsite had a certain creepiness. It was clearly repurposed from sonething else and was full of empty buildings. Also, it was largely empty. Many of the motor homes were mossy. There were slugs around, but none in the tiolet, so that was ok. Actually, the bathrooms and caretakers were really nice.

Around the border, there were alot of catholic religious shrines. A few were dedicated to the virgin, bur most were of the crucified christ. By afternoon, most of them were passed.

In other news, xena had started seeming very exhausted. Alas, she doesn't sleep at all in the doggie ride, but rather worries the whole time, sometimes while pacing. The earlier camping seems to have helped. Also, it was good we got off the road before the rainstorm started.

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