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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Day 8

August 8

last night i learned that if you touch the side of a tent during a rain storm, you get wet. Ok, i actually already knew that, but was, alas, reminded.

Nicole woke up feeling really sick. I sent her to sit in a warm indoor space while i packed up both of our things, all of which were wet. Meanwhile, xena kept sneaking off someplace. Kendra followed her and discovered her chewibg on a really large bone. I hope it came from a deer or something.

I finally got everything packed while kendra went in search of informayion about a bike store. The day before, she announced that pain in her achilles tendon was so severe that she might have to go home.

After we finally assembled our selves, we went to a cafe for breakfast. We had a slow meal while nicole recovered her strength. The nearest bike shop was 3k south, so we went to that town. The bike shop didn't havr clips- which kendra suspected would solver her wores, but one 4k further south might.

They didn't have clips either, but they had rain gear, which nicole had never pyrchased for some reason and now sorely needed because of the continuing light rain. They also had helmets to replace the one she lost a few days ago. That shop called a shop another 6k south and determined that the larger more southerly town had clips.

So went further south to what is actually a city. By this, i mean that you don't see tractors on the main street. The viking route takes us consistently to towns consisting of a church, a firestation, a cafe and a tractor mechanic. It's a nice change to be in a real town.

Kendra purchased a lot of gear and had her bike repaired. We dallied and then got a hotel room. With internet. So, today we made negative progress. But i got to upload some stuff.

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