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Commission Music
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Algorithmic dance music generation

Nick Collins

His laptop is signed by Stockhausen.

He wrote a techno generator 10 years ago, which was silly. So he's trying it again, but with synthpop. The new project is called Infno.

When you press play, you want something that's different every time in a significant way. (This sounds like old school video game music.)

Whoah, it really is different everytime! Still video-gamey, though. This has garnered applause from the audience.

The lines all know about each other and share data. The order of generation matters.

This is really cool.

Also, he has the idea of generative karaoke! Ooh, now there is audience participation. More applause.

This is the coolest thing ever.

There is a computer-written pop song from 1956. Kako will be singing the lyrics from that song. The melody here is not known in advance.

This sounds like jpop. Also like drunken karaoke. Wow, a lovely disaster. I am in love with everything about this. The singer is muddling through. Wow, now she's getting it, sorta.

Applause and cheering.

Now he's playing techno.

More applause.

Algorithmic lyric generation is next!

A paper will be forthcoming.

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Graham C said...

Nick Collins is pretty awesome. I wish I'd seen this.