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Friday, 21 September 2007

Loris: a supercollider implementation

Scott Wilson

Loris is an additive sound modelling method.

A sines plus noise approach. Noise is assigned to partials, modulating partials with a filtered noise source. This is a lossy process but is perceptually accurate.

Loris is a class library which can do some interesting things with partials. The python api is very good.

Data is exportable in several formats. Spear, a piece of free software, is nice for editing some of these file types. Also the command line tools are good.

Loris was not developed for real time use. It's not fast to compute this kind of analysis. Sometimes, you must change params to get a good analysis, which can be a problem for real time. Also, in real time might not want to listen to every partial, but that's also computationally expensive.

Analysis yields a partial list with envelopes for freq, amp, bandwidth, phase, etc.

Scott sticks analysis results in an sc object. There are 4 classes. Some ugens, data-holding classes, an oscillator.

The oscillator does all the partials. Can do some spectral difusion.

Can stretch stuff, mess with bandwidth, do funny things with different partials to move them around. This may work with prevois topic.

New release forthcoming. This is cool.

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Graham C said...

Again, you are doing quite a good job of liveblogging this. It's almost as good as being there.