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Friday, 21 September 2007

Dissonance curves

Jaaun Sebastian Lach

Roughness or beating is equal to hz difference betwwen two sounds. Has to do with physical properties of the ear and the critical bandwidth- which is the width of hearing of discrete sounds. You can only hear one sine wave per critical bandwidth. The bark scale climbs the critical band.

Disonance is perceived from bark scale and also cultural factors. Bark scale also applies to partials and overtones. Helmholtz held that acceptable amounts of roughness are cultural.

This speaker has a Disonance class, which looks to be very interesting. Also has method barkToHerz

Tenney thought that consonance and dissonance meant diferent things in different contexts. The terms have a functiona; usage depending on how music is composed: hisorical systems.

Barlow has some fancy-sounding theories. He imagines a consonance-disonance axis.

The Dissonance class can be used to derive scales. I must have this class!!

Sethares holds that tunings are related to timbres of instruments. Scales are derived according to roughness of partials present in the instruments used.

Computer composers can use a tmbral grammar. The presenter has some real-time analysis. He's been doing this stuff while i've been navel gazing about it. Awesome.

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