Commission Music

Commission Music
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Friday, 21 September 2007

Sc symposium

Jason Dixon - controlling group laptop improvisation

Problems often stem from performers not listening to each other. Huge cacophony of noise, competitive, lost players. Then things drag on much too long. There is a sameness. People don't look at each other and miss cues. Also, lack of visual element. Entire frequenc spectrum used by every player makes it impossible to pick out lnes or anything.

Sonic example 1: improv gone wrong (have any of us here not heard this at least once?) And the example does indeed sound like a whole lotta noise.

Keys to success: force people to play qiuetly. Small amps, speakers located very close to the performers.

Alain Renaud developed a good system: The Frequencyliator

Frequency spectrum divided among players, like instruments. Filters used to enforce this!

Presenter has an idea for a genetic algorithm to instruct players.

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